Miles Plastics was started in 1989 by Mike & Judy Jansz, with their son, Craig working with them for most of his life. In the last 17 years, Craig has expanded the business while changing the direction of the company to more of a focus on CNC machine operation, embracing the latest technology.

In 2013, Mike & Judy retired and Craig took over the company. Miles Plastics now employs 11 staff in a factory 10 times the original factory size. Craig continues to improve and grow the business, always remembering the plastic industry knowledge that his father taught him.



The team at Miles Plastics have over 30 years experience in the plastic manufacturing industry. All our staff are more then happy to share their knowledge and expertise to ensure your job is completed to the highest standard. We are knowledgeable in all areas of plastic manufacturing and are continually trained to improve our skills. We are here to serve the customer to the best of our ability.

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