Routed Timber Sign

Australia Zoo requested a timber sign that they wanted router engraved. The result shows a large natural look sign.

Putt putt for 1

Master 10 is a big golf fan and wanted his own practice putt putt. Ready with his design drawn to scale, including hills, slope and pipe, he presented his design …

Half Pipe

When your 13 year old son wants a half pipe and you have access to CNC routers, then the only solution is to make one. Master 13 came up with …

Drink Holders

One of our employees needed a solution to making sure their beer didn’t spill out in the boat. Here is the seaboard drink holder.

Acrylic Train

Just for fun, one of our employees made an acrylic train. Not our usual work but it certainly shows what they can come up with.

Acrylic Trophy with Print

Custom made trophy with black acrylic router cut and polished with a print directly onto the acrylic.